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Linking Science and Society

EULiST’s contribution to the European Strategy for Universities

From the heart of Europe’s metropolitan areas to peripheral rural regions, our diversity and complementarity drives our ambition to commit to a joint strategy for a structural institutional transformation towards a European University. Despite our differences, our collective motivation is based on a set of shared values and principles.

Among these are equality, inclusion, diversity, democracy and peaceful international cooperation. We strive for interdisciplinary and high-impact research while ensuring academic freedom, open data and open science for the general public in order to serve society.

our mission

EULiST Academic Ecosystem

EULiST serves as an intermediary and generator of knowledge and innovation, empowering responsible change agents to solve the challenges humanity is facing, including climate change and the twin green and digital transition. To this end, EULiST strives to generate a unique and creative EULiST Academic Ecosystem of sustainable development, exhibiting innovative techniques and providing access to hands-on experience and experiments - all open to the public. Inspired by the reciprocities between society, science and technology, this academic ecosystem will support inter- and transdisciplinary learning, research and outreach to enable student and academic staff participation and interaction with society through the following key resources and EULiST flagships.

Latest News /Events

First EULiST Student Conference in TU Wien

The 1st EULiST Student Conference was successfully held at the Technical University of Vienna (Technische Universität Wien – TUW) between June 30th and July 4th, 2024.

Greek Universities and European Universities Alliances: Opportunities and Challenges

NTUA, in collaboration with NKUA, co-organized the workshop “Greek Universities and European Universities Alliances: Opportunities and Challenges” on June 18th, 2024, at the Ceremonial Hall of the Central Administration Building of NTUA’s Zografou Campus.

EULiST (Erasmus+ Mobility) Project between Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) and Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC) in Madrid: Leibniz Language Centre (LLC) visit to URJC in Madrid

V. Morgade Cuña, F. García Manrique (LLC Spanish Department) and M. Schelm (LLC Tandem Department) arranged an Erasmus+ mobility visit to Madrid within the framework of the joint e-tandem project between the Hannover Leibniz Language Center (LLC) and the URJC in Madrid.

Open Call: EULiST Student Conference

EULiST Student Conference will fund 200 students from 10 EULiST member universities across Europe. It will take place at Technische Universität Wien (TUW) in Vienna, Austria from the 30th of June to the 4th of July.

You are welcome to contribute!

Students, researchers and administrative staff are encouraged to contribute their ideas in order to shape the alliance!

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