EULiST Campus

EULiST Digital and Sustainable Campus

EULiST will develop key digital infrastructure and a user-friendly point of entry for education, research and outreach to facilitate the collaboration between administrative and academic staff, students as well as the wider EULiST community. The EULIST Campus will be the basis for creating a new European concept of studying, teaching, researching, and administration by providing the EULiST community with

  • information on and access to course registration, timetables and EULiST activities in a student enrolment system and an integrated learning management system;
  • a virtual platform for the EULiST Academic Support Centre for sharing best practices, initiatives and resources among staff tasked with supporting students and academics, including e.g., support services for language, student and staff mobility and students and staff with disabilities;
  • access to the EULiST Digital Knowledge Hub, the EULiST Agora for Education, the EULiST Research and Innovation Academy (ERIA) and the EULiST Co-Creation Cluster.

Furthermore, EULiST will implement a Sustainable Campus Initiative to address the challenges in the European Green Deal by developing a common model as well as physical sustainability demonstrators for measuring and learning about the carbon footprint on each of the EULiST campuses. These demonstrators will be available to be used by students, researchers and the general public via a digital platform to identify best practices that can be disseminated within and beyond the alliance.

EULiST seen by Bruno Rubino, UNIVAQ
EULiST seen by Ľubica Vitková