New Project Manager for the EULiST project

From March 15th, 2024, Monika Bozhinoska Lazarova started her new role as Project Manager for the EULiST (European Universities Linking Society and Technology) project. The EULiST project aims to provide systematic support for the EULiST Alliance to build its infrastructure of European University and fulfil its mission and vision. With budget of 14, 37 million euros, as a part of the European Universities  initiative, the EULiST project is supported by the European Commission.

Monika Bozhinoska Lazarova is based at the International Office of Leibniz University Hannover (LUH). In her role as Project Manager, she will support and oversee the implementation of the project activities across the 10 EULiST Partner Universities. The EULiST project is structured around five themes (Management, Coordination & Strategy; Campus; Teaching & Learning; Research & Innovation; Outreach, Engagement, and Transfer) covered in 5 Work Packages and 25 Task Groups. Bozhinoska Lazarova responsibilities include central coordination and collaboration across Work Packages and Task Groups, as well as overall project planning, monitoring, and reporting.

Monika Bozhinoska Lazarova holds degrees in psychology and political science and is currently in the completion phase of her doctoral dissertation in political studies at the University of Bamberg. Previously, she worked as a Project Manager in civil society and most recently served as a Marie Curie Research Fellow for the Global Mobility of Employees (GLOMO) project at the University of Bamberg.

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