Successful International Staff Week 2024 held in Madrid

Around 100 staff members from all EULiST Universities participated in the International Staff Week of the EULiST member Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) in Madrid between 26 and 29 February 2024. The event focused on the importance of engaging the university community in the internationalisation process and included plenary and parallel onsite and hybrid sessions and visits to URJC Rectorate and selected Labs from Aranjuez, Fuenlabrada, and Móstoles URJC campuses, as well as a presentation of AI implemented in the processes and services at URJC. 

A presentation by 9 invited international partners of URJC highlighted also the importance of a global strategy for European Universities linking society and technology.
Various EULiST bodies and teams organised onsite and hybrid sessions to discuss current issues of EULiST in view of the upcoming EULiST General Assembly in Brno in May 2024. In these sessions, the participants worked on the development of the a digital infratructure and a common quality culture as well as on EULiST flagships activities like the establishment of joint degrees, infrastructures and data management for common research projects and the EULiST Communication Plan.

The International Staff Week brought colleagues together to bond and meet mutual goals and contributed to strengthen the attractiviness of EULiST for its students, teachers, researchers, staff and external partners.

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