EULiST Research and Innovation Academy (ERIA)

Developing an EULiST strategy for linking excellent research and innovative teaching

In order to attract the brightest minds, EULiST will create a Research and Innovation Academy (ERIA). This academy will evaluate and align the strategic research focus areas, centres of excellence, ERC grant holders, smart specialisation themes, and subject rankings of each EULiST member to develop a EULiST strategy for linking excellent research and innovative teaching. This strategy will be based on excellence, inclusiveness, and transdisciplinary connection of scientific fields, impact the great challenges of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and foster commercialisation and smart specialisation in collaboration with cities, regions and the industry. In order to achieve these objects, EULiST ERIA will implement:

  • a Joint Research and Innovation Strategy focusing on SDGs and the support of local and Europe-wide transdiciplinary research-based innovation processes (incl. EULiST Early-Career Researchers Centre and training in practical work-life skills relevant to industry and other sectors).
  • Synergies and R&I Infrastructure of high-quality, transdisciplinary research, education, and training by providing and supporting equal, effective, and quality-driven access to tools, data, platforms or labs across the alliance;
  • an Early-Career Researchers Centre to offer support structures that address the needs of both pre- and post-docs and facilitates transdisciplinary research;
  • a Research to Business Scheme that efficiently supports university-originated start-up formation, incubation, and commercialisation through strong cross-alliance networking, joint innovation platforms, best-practice sharing with associated partners, and via piloting cross-level training programmes.
EULiST seen by Ladislav Janíček