EULiST Co-creation Cluster

European interaction and outreach strategy to rebuild the trust of society in science and technology

EULiST will design and enact a distinct European interaction and outreach strategy, including the establishment of a EULiST Brussels Office, to provide science-based policy advice for decision-makers and the wider public in order to rebuild the trust of society in science and technology. To this end, EULiST will implement a Co-creation Cluster that supports and fosters joint research, technology transfer and education activities on global challenges through a science-based knowledge Co-Creation Culture. This Co-Creation Cluster will consist of the following components:

  • Innovation Hubs and Joint Living Labs in EULiST Regions, including Open and Living Labs, spin-offs, start-ups and knowledge transfer, to establish permanent relationships and effective cooperation structures with society and Regional Associated Partners for the promotion of sustainable and responsible science and social innovation.
  • Expanding EULiST Cooperation beyond Europe (including Global South) by using a Quadruple Helix (4Helix4 Framework Structure) to tackle grand global challenges by promoting common European values and working within different European and global cultures, in different languages, and across borders, sectors and academic disciplines.
  • Science Communication Training for researchers and students to build trust in science, focusing on Open Science and European values, across the whole spectrum of the societal context.

In line with these objectives and activities, EULiST will also develop and streamline external communication strategies to disseminate the narrative of EULiST to the general public, beneficiaries and other European University alliances. All these measures will finally contribute to the long-term strategy of EULiST such as connecting the universities and society and contributing to the sustainability of EULiST by involving numerous actors and stakeholders to form a comprehensive network of ideas, engagement, as well as the dissemination of ideas, knowledge, and new financial means.

EULiST seen by Maria Luisa Humanes
EULiST seen by Odile Gauthier