Leibniz University of Hannover delegation visits University of L’Aquila

Leibniz University Hannover and the University of L’Aquila have further strengthened and intensified their partnership through a delegation visit. A fourteen-member delegation led by the Presidency of Leibniz University Hannover (LUH), including representatives from various Faculties, Central Institutions, and the International Office immersed themselves in the exciting world of UnivAQ from April 8-9, 2024. Together, new avenues in research and teaching were explored to deepen the existing collaboration and initiate innovative projects. The diverse research focuses of UnivAQ provided an inspiring basis for the emergence of new ideas and partnerships. Thanks to the dedicated participation of faculty and researchers from both universities, existing cooperation opportunities were concretized and further developed. The delegation trip not only helped to strengthen the cooperation between LUH and UnivAQ, but also to sustainably solidify the entire EULiST network – an important step following the EU funding approval. During the visit, long-term multidisciplinary programs were agreed upon, linking various departments together and setting innovative impulses for the future.

The article is available on UAN Letter and on the UnivAQ social media Facebook, Instagram and Telegram.

A video interview is available on theUnivAQ YouTube channel https://youtu.be/Z0MMSXu-i_s

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