Erasmus+ mobility: Visit of the Leibniz Language Centre (LLC) of Leibniz Universität Hannover to the University of L’Aquila

An Erasmus+ mobility was carried out as part of the E-Tandem cooperation project between the Leibniz Language Centre (LLC) Hannover and the University of L’Aquila. From 18 to 22 March, Dagmar Pelamatti (administrator) and Monika Schelm (tandem coordinator and language learning advisor) visited the EULiS University in L’Aquila. The objectives were manifold: to gain insights into the structure and framework conditions of the language centre, to hold discussions on optimizing the concept for video tandem partnerships and to jointly develop ideas for strengthening and expanding cooperation between the educational institutions. 

The Erasmus+ mobility provided valuable insights into the university structure of L’Aquila and enabled intensive discussions about the implementation of tandem courses and the concept of language learning counseling. The productive exchange with Italian colleagues Prof. Barbara Vogt (Ph.D., Linguistics) and Prof. Dr. Barbara Hans (Ph.D., Linguistics) led to the development of joint project ideas that are already showing initial success, such as the inclusion of an internship for an Italian student at the LLC in the winter semester 2024/25 and the participation of another Italian student in the summer academy at Leibniz Universität Hannover with an EULiS scholarship. 

Dagmar Pelamatti and Monika Schelm look forward to future collaboration, which can certainly be made more effective through face-to-face meetings on site. Special thanks go to our colleagues Barbara Vogt and Barbara Hans for their extremely friendly support and intensive discussions during the week.

The full report by Monika Schelm and Dagmar Pelamatti (both LUH) can be found here.

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