EULiST at European Universities Coordinators’ Meeting in Brussels on 7 and 8 February 2024

For the first time, EULiST will particpate in the European Universities Coordinators’ Meeting in Brussels on 7 and 8 February. This event will bring together all 50 current European Universities alliances, including those newly selected in 2023 and those of the previous generation, in order to provide with a platform to share experiences and good practices, discuss topics of common interest and network with the other alliances. The objective of this meeting is also to provide with a clear framework for alliance management and to better understand and anticipate the challenges you may face during the implementation.

The Commission will provide insights and consult on the 2024 Commission priorities, i.e. on the upcoming higher education package. An open discussion with the alliances will take place to better understand the opportunities and challenges that European Universities alliances are facing. EACEA will provide guidance and a clear framework for efficient grant management. The event foresees several sessions for networking and interaction. Alliances will moreover have the opportunity to share good practices in several breakout sessions, creating a participatory space for the exchange of ideas.

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