First presentation of the actions of the EULiST European University to the NTUA Community

In the frame of NTUA’s participation in the European University EULiST “European Universities linking Society and Technology”, an info event was successfully organised on December 19th, 2023, that served as the first official presentation of the recently funded EU project and its recent implementation activities.

The funding of the activities of the EULiST Alliance of 10 European Universities, amounting to 14.6M€, for the next four years, will significantly contribute to the increase of staff and students mobility, the creation of a digital environment for access to new educational material and innovative teaching and learning methodologies, to interdisciplinary research programs, offered by the  Alliance Universities, to the Europe’s largest Technical Library, and to the technology transfer and connection with society.

In our rapidly changing world, all members of the NTUA community – Students, Professors, Researchers, Administrators – will benefit both from the innovative actions of EULiST as well as from the best practices of the partnering European Universities. The aim is the internationalization and outreach of the institution, the improvement of its educational, research and administrative activities, and the training and skills’ development of the NTUA students.

The event took place in the Ceremony Hall of the NTUA Administration building and was attended by representatives of the NTUA Rectorship, Students, Professors, Researchers and Administrative Employees. The event was welcomed by the Rector of NTUA, Professor Ioannis Chatjigeorgiou, emphasizing the strategic importance of NTUA’s participation in EULiST as well as the high position held by the internationalization of Greek Universities in the agenda of the Greek State and the Ministry of Education. Professor Andreas Boudouvis (School of Chemical Engineering), former Rector of NTUA and Co-Chair of EULiST in the period 2021-2023, presented the long-term vision of the European Universities Initiative and the establishment of a joint European Degree in the future.

The f. Professor Katerina Adam (School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering), coordinator of the NTUA EULiST team, presented the structure, partners, objectives and synergy between the work packages of the project. Professor Sotiris Karellas (School of Mechanical Engineering) presented the actions of the “Research and Innovation” Work Package, the coordination of which has been undertaken by NTUA for the alliance. PhD candidate Konstantina-Maria Giannakopoulou (School of Electrical and Computer Engineering), member of the EULiST Student Board, presented the vision, the actions of the student council and the expectations of the students.

Following, Professor Efi Dimopoulou (School of Rural, Surveying and Geoinformatics Engineering) presented the Digital Campus, Associate Professor Ioanna Roussaki (School of Electrical and Computer Engineering) presented the innovative education tool EULiST Agora, Ms. Antonia Lampropoulou, Head of the EU & International Relations Department, presented the Outreach of EULiST. Finally, Professors Eleni Alexandrou (School of Architecture) and Irini Koronaki (School of Mechanical Engineering) presented the recent Blended Intensive Mobility Program on the utilization of clean energy on EULiST university campuses.

Key to making the most of the opportunities offered by the EULiST European University is the inclusion and active participation of all members of the NTUA community, for EULiST to be the pole of knowledge production and innovation in order to address global challenges such as climate change, digital transition and social cohesion, creating a student-centered academic ecosystem.

More information on EULiST at the European EULiST website, the NTUA EULiST website and on EULiST’s YouTube channel

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