International Staff Week (ISW) in Madrid, February 26-29 2024

URJC is organizing an International Staff Week (ISW) in Madrid between February 26th to 29th, 2024. The participants of the ISW are 62 staff members from all EULiST Universities and 46 URJC EULiST delegates.

The ISW aims to bring colleagues together to bond and meet mutual goals, since relationships are key to a thriving European University. The ISW includes visits to URJC Rectorate and selected Labs from Aranjuez, Fuenlabrada, and Móstoles URJC campuses, as well as a presentation of AI implemented in the processes and services at URJC.

The ISW also includes plenary and parallel sessions among various EULiST bodies and teams, to present the EULiST Communication Plan, and to discuss current issues of EULiST in view of the upcoming Governing Board meeting in March and General Assembly in May 2024. A presentation by 9 invited international partners of URJC is also included to highlight the importance of an internationalization strategy for European Universities linking society and technology.

Social events of the ISW include among others, a walking tour around Madrid and visits to Aranjuez Royal Palace and Museo del Prado.

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