EULiST (Erasmus+ Mobility) Project between Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) and Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC) in Madrid: Leibniz Language Centre (LLC) visit to URJC in Madrid

V. Morgade Cuña, F. García Manrique (LUH LLC Spanish Department) and M. Schelm (LUH LLC Tandem Department) arranged an Erasmus+ mobility visit to Madrid within the framework of the joint e-tandem project between the Hannover Leibniz Language Center (LUH LLC) and the URJC in Madrid. The e-tandem project, envisioned as an integral part of the Spanish courses, commenced in the 2022/2023 semester.
During the meeting with the colleagues M. A. Cano Linares, T.T. Klinge and J. Dadey from URJC, the results of the latest e-tandem between the two institutions were analyzed with a view to jointly setting educational goals aimed at optimization of the project within the EULiST framework. A round table session organized by the URJC provided the opportunity to discuss the development, results, and academic recognition of the e-tandem project between the LLC and the URJC. The EULiST Central Coordinator, Markus Auditor, and the LLC director, Klaus Schwienhorst, as well as experts in face-to-face, online-digital and tandem foreign language teaching from other Spanish and German universities, participated in the session. The successful outcome of the EULiST meeting at the URJC is summarized in the following objectives and points:

  • Expansion of the project and possible integration of other (synchronous / asynchronous) scenarios and learning tools.   
  • International academic projection of the project through scientific publications and presentations at joint conferences (a first paper sent to CERCLES).
  • Planning of academic mobility with a stay abroad for the participants of the tandem integrated in the Spanish (LLC) and German (URJC) language courses.
  • Exploration of internal and external funding sources for further development of the project.
  • Initial contact established for EULiST cooperation regarding French language courses between the URJC and LLC.

    You can find the detailed report in English here and in German and Spanish here.

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