EULiST in the II Forum of European University Alliances

The Spanish Presidency of the Council has taken up the cause and promoted the celebration of the II Forum of European University Alliances on September 14 and 15 in BarcelonaThe goal is to open up a space for dialogue and exchange of ideas around the most important issues currently affecting European alliances. This event was attended on behalf of EULiST by María Luisa Humanes and Pablo Salvadores (from URJC), Christina von Haaren (from LUH), and Markus Auditor (EULiST central coordinator).

The primary objective of this forum appears to be creating a platform for dialogue and the sharing of ideas on crucial issues impacting European alliances in the field of higher education. This event likely brings together representatives from various European universities, policymakers, researchers, and other stakeholders to address topics such as academic collaboration, mobility programs, research initiatives, and educational innovation. The discussions may also touch on broader themes related to the European Union’s educational and research agendas, promoting internationalization, and addressing challenges in higher education. By organizing this forum, the Spanish Presidency of the Council is contributing to the ongoing efforts to strengthen European cooperation in higher education and research, ultimately aiming to enhance the quality and competitiveness of European universities on the global stage.

Further information, agenda and concept notes from the different pannels can be found in the following link: Program II Forum European Universities Alliances.

Moreover, this event has been widely publicised. In the magazine Canal Europa it has been highlighted that in this Forum it has been communicated that the European Union is moving forward in a joint university degree for students of European universities. This was announced by the European Commission’s Vice-President for the promotion of the European way of life, Margaritis Schinas, during a meeting with the press as part of the with the press in the framework of the of the 2nd European University Alliances Forum. of European Universities. The press release can be found in the following link European Alliances 18-09-2023



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