Brno University of Technology Visits Leibniz University Hannover: The Future of Technical Education

A delegation from Brno University of Technology, consisting of Rector Ladislav Janíček, Vice-Rector for International Affairs Iveta Šimberová, and BUT Local EULiST Coordinator Mariana Tesařová, visited Leibniz University Hannover on May 4, in order to discuss further collaboration in the EULiST Alliance.

The delegation of the technical university first visited the Einstein Elevator at the Hannover Institute of Technology (HITec). The Head of the Work Group, Dr.-Ing. Christoph Lotz (Institute for Transport and Automatisation Technology, LUH), demonstrated the functions of the active drop tower that allows research under weightlessness and partial gravity conditions. His presentation on Quantum Physics and Additive Manufacturing under Space Conditions using the Einstein-Elevator gave the delegation insight into one of Leibniz University’s excellent research facilities.

Following, Leibniz University Hannover President Prof. Dr. Volker Epping welcomed the delegation at his office. BUT Rector Janíček expressed his gratitude to President Epping for leading the consortium. He stressed that the main goal of visiting other EULiST Member institutions is to learn about each institution’s functioning and to discuss joint projects to become a true European University.

The two leaders quickly recognized their two universities’ common challenges, which include the need to revolutionize technical education at universities in order to face the practical technological, but also societal and environmental challenges of tomorrow.

Next to highlighting the benefits of a more generalized, rather than too specialized, approach to Master programmes in STEM subjects in order to meet the needs of the market, both university leaders emphasized the need for close cooperation with industry: While BUT is currently preparing a model contract for companies, LUH cooperates with local Chambers of Crafts. In a similar line, the study projects already underway at EULiST universities offer students a hands-on, challenge-based approach. 

The Rector and the President further discussed plans for sharing and jointly developing life-long learning courses within the EULiST alliance: To meet the growing demand for skilled workers and the continuing education of practitioners and professionals and to thus ‘train-the-trainers,’ Prof. Dr. Elke Katharina Wittich (LUH) developed micro-credential courses that she presented to the delegation. These courses are transferable and can be extended with online materials from other EULiST Members.

To conclude the successful exchange of ideas and potential areas of cooperation, Volker Epping and Ladislav Janíček agreed to hold another bilateral meeting in Brno in autumn.

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