Learning opportunities at the Leibniz Language Centre

Since the winter semester, the Leibniz Language Centre (LLC) has been running tandem partnerships with L’Aquila and Madrid, in which students with German as their first language and Spanish or Italian as their second language work together with partners in Spain and Italy. Hanover and Madrid include the tandem partnerships in the course evaluation, which increases motivation. A total of about 40 tandem pairs are involved here so far; we hope to increase this and expand our programme to other languages. Click here for more information on tandem learning at the LLC.

In summer semester 2023, the first Erasmus intern from L’Aquila, Martina Antonelli, is working at the LLC. She will spend the whole lecture period getting to know the activities of the LLC and we also want to give her enough time to get to know the institutes that are interesting for her and to network with students. The IO will help intensively (as with other internships) with finding accommodation and other questions about studying. Here you can find more information about internships at the LLC.

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